Advertisement Popup Plugin

Take the advantage of Cogzidel's Popup Advertiser plugin to pop up advertisements in your website. Advertisements being an instant attention grabbers, proves to be an effective marketing strategy for you and your hosts, to advertise promotions.

Your Rental site can display pop ups for offers, news, or any other announcements you want to make to your end user.

Features of Advertisement Popup plugin

  • Manage the content of the pop ups
  • Place advertisements in four pages of your Rental site, namely, Home page, List Detail page, Payment Confirmation page, and Payment Success page
  • Control the number of pop ups in each page
  • Display pop ups for about 6 seconds, with the maximum limit of the 200 characters  
  • Enable or disable pop ups as required

Benefits of Advertisement Popup plugin

  • High visibility of the ads
  • Enhanced promotion
  • Greater ROI

Turn your DropInn Rental site as a platform for advertisements. Get your Advertisement Popup plugin now.


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